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작가별 갤러리

D | Robert DELVAL

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작성자 유니온아트 작성일16-09-09 17:32 조회997회 댓글0건


꽃 1 / 석판화 / 가로 25cm * 세로 30cm / 그림렌탈 전문기업 유니온아트꽃 2 / 석판화 / 가로 25cm * 세로 30cm / 그림렌탈 전문기업 유니온아트꽃 3 / 석판화 / 가로 25cm * 세로 30cm / 그림렌탈 전문기업 유니온아트꽃 4 / 석판화 / 가로 25cm * 세로 30cm / 그림렌탈 전문기업 유니온아트
작가명 /로베르 델발 (1934 - FRANCE)*** 프로필 /Robert Delval was born on the 24 of April 1934, in Montmartre, brought up in an atmosphere dominated by painters and painting, he probably became intoxicated by the art of painting at a very early age. His early canvasses seem to show not only that he was determined to paint, but also that for him, painting was first and foremost a matter of colours. Though he clearly recognized the relative importance of perspective and droughtmanship he seems to have decided that colour was his medium and his instrument to delight and enthral. Brandishing his palette like a standard he is marching steadily, but with amazing speed throught a series of experiments that astonish, as much by their variety as by their success. The show an intense emotional sensibility closely monitored, but not destroyed, or even weakened, by his intellect. It is far too early yet to try and prophesy what his future work will be like. But what is sure is that never have the heart and brain of a painter been better harnessed to pull together in a harmony that is as sophisticated as it is exciting. There can be no more exciting prospect that collecting Delval’s Works.   
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